Tourist visa to Canada


Each year, the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada receives about 1 800 000 applications from people wishing to visit Canada on a temporary basis. From that number the government of Canada only emits about 575 000 tourist visas annually. that occurs due to the inadequate procedures applicants follow when they try to apply for a tourist visa to Canada.

The complexity of the proceeding is the main reason as to why the number of rejections is quite high. Our experience tells us that the difference between getting your visa or being rejected will depend on how the initial part of the proceeding has been done.


To apply for a tourist visa to Canada, The Canadian Immigration Counseling Center offers you:


-Professional advice throughout the process.
-Personalized service
-Integration of file in a comprehensive and effective manner to maximize your chances follow before the immigration authorities of Canada.
-Follow up with the immigration authorities on the outcome of the proceedings.


General Requirements and Fees :


-Have a valid travel document such as a passport.

-Able to convince an immigration officer that, at the end of your visit, you will return your country of origin.

-Have enough money for your stay. (The amount of money you’ll need may vary depending on how long he is going to stay, and if you’re staying in a hotel or with friends or family).

The governmental fees that have to be covered in order to apply for temporary tourist visa are of USD$100.00 per person.

Legal Service Fees : 

Should you wish, the Canadian Immigration Counseling Center can represent you in a lawful manner before the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the application and obtaining a tourist visa through their legal assistance services please fill out this FREE ASSESSMENT and please take note that the legal Service Fees are of USD$275.00*

*Single individuals as well as couples and families must pay the above mentioned fees only one time.

Letter of Invitation


Should you wish, the Canadian Immigration Counseling Center can find someone to invite you to Canada.

When applying for a tourist visa people do not usually use a Letter on Invitation in order to be eligible. However for those who have been rejected a tourist visa before and for those who do not have a stable income the Letter of Invitation can help a lot in order to get approve for a tourist visa to Canada.

Once the Canadian Immigration Counseling Center sends you the Letter of Invitation the next step would be to send the letter (notarized, if the visa office asks for that) to the Canadian embassy or consulate outside of Canada when he or she applies for a temporary resident visa.

The cost in order to obtain a letter of invitation is of USD$400.00.

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Those who chose to retain our services in order to apply for a tourist visa will have all their guarantees through a legal agreement which shall be signed by both parties. The legal agreement will also contain a legal seal.

In addition, please note that both the Hispanic Center of Toronto as well as the Latino Club in Montreal have recommended our services on their webpages thanks to our clean record in respect of the provision of services in the area of immigration to Canada.

Tourist Visa to Canada

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